The Gratitude Garden Preschool

The Gratitude Garden Preschool is a new concept in nurturing and educating young minds. It’s designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and sense of curiosity, which allows learning to be natural and fun. We instill a love for learning through nurturing children’s confidence to try new things and explore the world around them. All of this happens in a safe and creative nature-based environment where children’s sense of character blossoms through cultivating gratitude, compassion, friendships, and resiliency. Our program invites curiosity, develops gratitude, instills a love of learning, and introduces STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts, all of which are necessary for meaningful learning and in 21st century life.

Mission and Vision

At The Gratitude Garden Preschool we believe children benefit from a balanced education that invites creativity and curiosity into the learning process. Science, technology, engineering, and math are integrated within gardening, ecology, art, dramatic expression, music, dance, cooking, and free-play in our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Our Mission
The Gratitude Garden Preschool is focused on providing a fun, nurturing and curiosity-driven environment where children develop a love for learning and a grateful perspective on their lives.

Our Goal
Our goal is to nurture curiosity, strengthen resiliency, and cultivate appreciation for the world around us so that young minds can thrive.

Our Vision
We envision developing a future generation of leaders who value global well-being and approach their life challenges with integrity, resiliency, and compassion.

The Theoretical Framework

The Gratitude Garden incorporates the strengths of many developmental theories, utilizing the best practices from current research and evidence-based curricula. Our nature-based school draws inspiration from the constructivist approach of Reggio Emilia and research in child development, cognition, learning, and psychology. This integrated design shapes our well rounded program so that the needs of the whole child are met.

Our hands-on and play based science, technology, engineering and math activities come to life within gardening, artistic expression, creating music, dance, exploring world languages, and unstructured play in our nature -based playground. Our daily schedule thoughtfully balances child-centered activities and teacher-directed activities. One way we achieve this is through an equal balance of outdoor and indoor time. All classes rotate daily through our outdoor classrooms where science, engineering, math and ecology flourish within their natural environments. Children can choose to play and explore in our outdoor laboratories and participate in weekly nature hikes.

The child-centered methods of the schools of Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Montessori, and John Dewey are utilized when appropriate. As children experience themselves as creators engaged in critical thinking, inquiry, and play -they are motivated within. This internal motivation lays the foundation for a life rich in inquiry, learning, and an appreciation for the process of discovery.

At The Gratitude Garden we believe as students sense of self is developing, so is their ability create positive self-talk, a positive self-image, and with early training — a grateful perspective. With the theoretical foundation of Social Learning Theory, Positive Psychology, and the philosophies of Steiner, Montessori, John Dewey, and the schools of Reggio Emilia, the Gratitude Garden’s program design and culture reflects the best of research in human development and significant learning.


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