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  • Well-being During Times of Corona Virus

    By: Dr. Dustine Rey My ten-year-old daughter, Satya, walked into the dining room where I was silently enjoying my morning coconut coffee and lets out an exaggerated loud sigh. “When will my tolerance for annoyances build up?” She asks in a shaky but serious and [...]

  • South OC Preschool Proves Positive With Virtual Circle Time

    Creativity & joy are not canceled in San Clemente as Gratitude Garden Preschool opens their virtual classroom after new coronavirus closure. By Ashley Ludwig, Patch Staff SAN CLEMENTE, CA — A San Clemente preschool forced to shut their doors due to the new coronavirus social [...]

  • OC Family May 2019 Issue – A Fresh Take on Education

    Women, mothers in particular, don’t get much credit for their roles as pioneers — people who break ground in arts or sciences or stand their ground when it comes to protecting and helping the underprivileged or underrepresented. But California has its share of these role [...]


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